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Concept for stock market success for the new investment boom

In recent years, central banks have printed more money than ever before. Interest rates worldwide are at absurdly low levels, and negative yields are a reality. Many fear hyperinflation and the total collapse of the system. But Hedging expert Gerhard Massenbauer sees that differently: the downfall of the financial system is not imminent. In his view there s a surprisingly time of rich opportunities before us!

In his new book, Gerhard Massenbauer shows the way ahead for the next three to five years and answers practical questions that investors should ask themselves now: How can returns be achieved despite minus interest rates? How do you identify growth markets? How will the most important currencies develop over the next few years? How can you achieve typical equity returns with significantly lower risk? And much more.

ISBN 978-3-95972-054-0

How you can make money in the zero-interest-ice age

We live in a time of superlatives. The national debt of the developed industrial countries has reached the highest level since the end of the Second World War. This development is favored by the aggressive monetary policy of the largest central banks. Key interest rates of zero or close to zero percent in combination with bond purchases have pushed interest rates to their lowest level in 5000 years.

Although this relieves the national budget, it makes saving any sense and poses existential challenges for banks and companies.

Banks earn too little interest to be able to afford the risk of overly aggressive lending. At the same time, the regulatory pressure to build up sufficient equity ratios is increasing.

The books by Gerhard Massenbauer are available in stationary and online bookstores, among others at Thalia, Morawa and Amazon.

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