We regularly conduct webinars and presentations on topics related to finance and currency.

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In the webinar series WHAT´S NEXT? Gerhard Massenbauer presents his answers to the current burning questions and explores the prevailing situation on the capital and currency markets in detail.

Program: Online webinar via Zoom. A 20-minute presentation followed by 20 minutes for questions from the participants.

Registration: Up to two hours before the start of the event, using the registration link or by e-mail to

The number of participants is limited to a maximum of 30 persons.


Gerhard Massenbauer, Mag.iur.

As a seasoned expert in currency and capital market trends, Gerhard Massenbauer knows the market conditions better than anyone else in the German-speaking world and has been analyzing them since 1999. His analysis of foreign exchange and capital market trends has yielded a 90% accuracy rate in ex-ante identification of changes in currency trend patterns spanning over 20 currency pairs, attracting market attention particularly during the full-fledged financial crises. He is a long-time speaker (including the European Forum Alpbach), author, and publisher of the Massenbauer Brief (market letter since 1999) and the Global Currency Herald, and also serves as a management consultant for active risk management. In this capacity, he and his team study developments on the capital market with the aim of developing fact-based strategies for navigating risks in import and export.

The Treasury Scout is published several times a month in different editions. In these, chief analyst Gerhard Massenbauer presents trend forecasts for the most important currency pairs.