Currency hedging should never be left to chance

“We know where the most threatening currency risks lie and will help you navigate them.”

Companies with international business often bear a significant currency risk – either directly, because the clearing currency is a foreign currency, or indirectly, when competitors abroad gain advantages from currency changes that may affect your business. Currency fluctuations have an impact on earnings and generate costs; at the same time, currency developments often occur in cycles lasting several years. That’s why our hedging processes and recommendations for risk management are individually tailored to your company’s unique circumstances.


  • Currency hedging that’s as flexible as the market

Linear hedging processes adversely affect earnings and drive up costs, and because the market is cyclical, we modify and align our currency risk exposure management processes as the cycle progresses. We serve as consultants for our business clients, guiding them through the creation of processes, defining the strategic orientation, and in executing ongoing business transactions.

You are free to focus on your core business – we’ll take care of all your currency hedging concerns!

  • The right hedging instrument at the right time with the right scope

Cost-effective hedging is all about taking advantage of the necessary safeguards and eliminating those that don’t make good business sense.

When you place your trust in our long-standing professional experience in currency hedging, we’ll place your international business success on a solid footing!

  • Customized solutions

The overall environment may be the same, but the scenarios that each individual business will face can differ dramatically. As a result, every business needs a customized currency hedging approach and strategy.

  • Hedging balance sheet volatility

Companies with lengthy delivery terms typically account for a sizeable volume of currency transactions. If these extend beyond the balance sheet year, there will be fluctuations in the balance sheet that are unrelated to the underlying transaction. Reducing these fluctuations is possible and we will be there for you every step of the process.

“With the right guidance, businesses can navigate and ultimately prevent the adverse business ramifications caused by the impact of negative exchange rates.”