Currency risk management for professional hedging

“We are your partner in all currency matters.”

We are a team of currency experts under the leadership of long-standing and successful currency trend analyst and financial author Gerhard Massenbauer and we view ourselves as a partner for businesses in all matters relating to currency. We offer standardized services with our currency reports and work in an advisory capacity for internationally active companies either on an ongoing basis or as part of a project. Our webinars continue to be met with growing interest in the world of finance and treasury.

A number of reputable companies with foreign business rely on our expertise, including internationally successful corporations such as Zell-Metall GmbH, Senoplast Gruppe,  and many others.




Mag. Gerhard Massenbauer, Chief analyst for The Treasury Scout
With more than 20 years of experience monitoring and analyzing foreign exchange and capital market trends under his belt, Gerhard Massenbauer is Austria’s most successful currency expert. His forecasts achieve a success rate of over 90%, and this success has been sustained even prior to and throughout the financial crises of recent years. This makes him one of just a handful of currency trend experts in the German-speaking world with a quantifiably proven track record of success.

Manfred Rack, M.Sc. (Senior Analyst)
Manfred Rack draws on over thirty years of treasury experience with national and international financial institutions. His specialized expertise lies primarily in trading currencies and currency derivatives, an area in which he also served as head. In particular, his knowledge and experience are reflected in his understanding of trading practices, in the behavioral perception of participants in international interest and currency markets, and in the innovation and implementation of strategic change processes in the treasury environment. In addition to professional consulting, he is also active as an organizational and human resource development specialist, providing guidance and support for work-related topics and issues.

Marie-Christin Klinger (CEO assistant)
Marie-Christin Klinger has been working for The Treasury Scout since she began her business studies and is the communications gateway and first port of call for our clients. She is in charge of handling our contract offers and provides support to our entire team.

Mauritius Urdich (IT Analyst)
Mauritius Urdich supports the management by translating our currency hedging approach into easily understandable charts and tables. He creates Excel databases, performance calculations, and customer-friendly information sheets. The ability to swiftly create customer-friendly visualizations of company-specific foreign currency hedging strategies is among his core strengths.

Simon Dolas (IT Analyst)
Simon Dolas “translates” our hedging approach into easy-to-understand graphs and tables and creates helpful Excel databases, performance calculations and information sheets for our clients. The mathematics graduate and prospective economist has been a valuable asset to our team since fall 2020.